In bygone days, no two shepherds huts were ever the same. Each one was lovingly crafted using reclaimed items from around the farm and local area, and carefully pieced together to keep the wolves and the wind out.

At Elwy Valley we pride ourselves on manufacturing bespoke shepherds huts using traditional craftsmanship.Even if the use today is different, it’s this respect for the old ways that keeps the beauty of the hut alive. Handmade toyour exact specification, your new garden room, office cocoon…will be your perfect shelter from the outside world.


Staying true
to history

Traditional shepherds huts would be made using local materials, and reclaimed items found around the farm. In keeping with this tradition, Elwy Valley huts are made using materials sourced from local craftsmen and suppliers with a unique reclaimed twist of our own  - each one features a reclaimed stained glass window. Another utterly individual touch you can choose when you customise your new outside sanctuary.

Giving new life
to an old story

Elwy Valley Shepherds Huts are created around an original 19th century design, and then customised to bring you everything that's wonderful about traditional craftsmanship with the creature comforts and convenience of the modern world.  Warm, wired for living, with charm woven into every inch.


Who are we?

Elwy Valley Shepherds Huts Company is owned and run by Stephen Akred and Linda Newsome. It was their shared love of both antiques and the great outdoors that lead them to discover the beauty of shepherds huts. They fell in love with the ability to become detached from the stresses of every day life just a few steps away from your front door.