Luxury Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

Enjoy the luxury and theatre of a wood-fired hot tub in your own garden. Being able to say goodbye to electricity and enjoy the lower running costs of a wood-fired tub gives you a calming off-grid sense that you can't get any other way.

With a wood-fired hot tub, you aren't as limited with location, as long as you can get water to it. This allows you the freedom to place your hot tub in the ideal location for serene bathing and entertaining.

Each hot tub comes fully assembled and as soon as they are in situ you can get the fire lit and prepare yourself for a wonderfully relaxing soak.

Prices start from just £2,008 + VAT

Our beautiful and stylish Kirami hot tubs are cheaper to run than conventional electric tubs and can be placed anywhere with access to running water. You can buy online or visit our showroom.